How to Survive & Thrive Through COVID – Trevor McGregor

December 29


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Time for this week’s special guest! Trevor McGregor is a globally renowned business success coach, who is responsible for advising and mentoring Fortune 500 executives and household names such as The Tony Robbins Group and Joe Fairless.

Danny is a real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, mastermind host, national speaker, podcast host, volunteer with The First Tee and world traveler.

For 25 years, Trevor has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals shift from feeling worried, frustrated and overwhelmed to growing their confidence and achieving phenomenal levels of success.

Trevor works with some of the world’s top real estate investors, leaders and even high-profile celebrities. One client in particular, personally acquired more than $300 Million dollars in real estate assets in less than 4 years under Trevor McGregor’s guidance.

This week Trevor drops by to help us with that motivation that we may need during tough times such as these. Jump in because this is an opportunity to have a FREE session with one of the best business coaches in the world! We dive into the law of polarity, improving your mindset, what is your WHY?, moving forward and much more.


  1. The 3 Universal Modalities of Fear:
    • If I try, I could fail…
    • People might criticize me…
    • I’m not worthy…
  1. The law of polarity can be applied to the above doubts and change the way we think and act which creates positivity instead of negativity.
  2. Now is the perfect time (during a world crisis) to take action on improving your mindset and moving forward.
  3. You have to stand guard at the door of your mind. It’s YOUR mind and no one else’s.. so program your mind how YOU want to.
  4. What is your WHY? Ask yourself WHY you want to invest and what the money is going to truly do for you. Stack your WHYs until they are a tower that drives you forward in times of uncertainty.
  5. Go back and see how you achieved a goal and it will remind you of your strengths and move you forward.
  6. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves.
  7. Now is a great time to be building relationships and building your network.


How to Survive & Thrive Through COVID – Trevor McGregor Transcription:

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