How to Navigate a Highly Competitive Real Estate Market – Steven Pesavento

July 15


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With so much money flowing into real estate, markets have become more competitive than ever. How can you make smart investment decisions in the face of high competition? Find out more about our investing opportunities here 


The more money that comes into the real estate market, the higher the value of properties will be—and the tighter the competition becomes for supply. What do you do in the face of high competition? Although investing may seem risky now, it is not the time to wait things out.


Listen to this new installment of Mindset Minutes as we talk about how to invest wisely in a highly competitive real estate market. Find out the benefit of investing in smaller properties, what type of people you need to be working with, and what kind of strategy you need to employ in order to protect your investment and minimize your risk in this type of climate.


1. Protect the principal first, focus on return second.
2. The key to making the best investments in a highly competitive market is to work with the right people.
3. Consider investing in smaller properties in the face of high competition.
4. Competition is not a roadblock, but rather an opportunity to redirect, understand, and move forward. 


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