How to Get Involved – Steven Pesavento

September 23


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Are you seeking to get involved in real estate as an investor?  Are you accredited or non-accredited?  Steven is here to tell you that in order to find the right sponsor, you must establish a relationship first and foremost.  In this episode, he discusses what you need to consider and how to get involved with VonFinch Capital. 

Key Takeaways:

  • As the value of the dollar is going down there is a lot of money moving into real assets like real estate
  • When you’re holding on to cash, what you’re actually doing is losing the value of that cash every single month, or every single year that you hold on to it
  • The biggest mistake that you can make is sitting on cash during times of high inflation, rather than finding cash-flowing assets that create a great back end.
  • There are several opportunities opening up but you should establish a relationship now in order to see if VonFinch is right for you

Resources Mentioned

Establish your relationship with VonFinch now for exclusive invite-only opportunities. Schedule an introductory call now at


How to Get Involved – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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