How to Find Your Niche

December 29


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Cris Chico was born on the Island of Puerto Rico and moved to the United States while in 3rd grade. Living on food stamps and welfare did not diminish his dreams of financial success. … However, like most, he realized that to achieve the true American dream he had to become an entrepreneur. Cris Chico is a successful real estate investor in Florida who specializes in wholesaling in local and long-distance markets. He rarely personally inspects any of the properties that he flips or meets with any buyers or sellers. In fact, most of the markets that he operates are thousands of miles away.

Show Notes

How can you find your niche? Our special guest Cris Chico provides some inspirational advice on how we can find what we naturally excel at and use that unique ability to become who we want to be and what we want to be. He also takes us through how he became so successful in the virtual real estate niche. This is an inspiring episode that you don’t want to miss! 


The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy 


How to Find Your Niche Transcription:

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