Goal-Setting Tips For Passive Investors – Steven Pesavento

July 13


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As a passive investor, knowing what you want is essential to finding the right deals, choosing the best sponsors—and ultimately, making the right decisions. Find out more about our investing opportunities here www.vonfinch.com/invest 

Goals serve as our guide, whether it is in business or in life. Knowing what you want, when you want it makes it easier to find the best path towards our definition of success, be it greater wealth, more time with family, or a diverse investment portfolio. However, setting goals is not always easy, and some of our objectives don’t always feel “right.”

That said, let’s talk about how you can set goals as a passive investor on this episode of Mindset Minutes. Tune in as we discuss asymmetric risk reward, the main differences between deals (cash flow vs. backend), and risk profiles, among many other important topics.  


1. You need to know what you want in order to find the right sponsors for your business.
2. Deals move quick and knowing what you’re looking for can make it easier to decide fast.
3. Goals change over time, be it with each new deal or as you gain access to more capital. Sit down to reevaluate your goals every six to twelve months.


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Goal-Setting Tips For Passive Investors – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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