How to Achieve True Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing – Michael Blank

June 3


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Michael Blank makes a return to the podcast for this week’s episode, and he’s back to share some more great advice with us. Michael is a successful investor, the founder and CEO of Nighthawk Equity, a best-selling author, and a coach that trains other people how to achieve permanent financial freedom through real estate investing.

Michael is one of the few people that has the passive investing formula down to a T, which is what makes him such a great source of information for all the other investors out there looking to quit their jobs and truly become financially free. For this second interview we’ve done with Michael, we talk about why investing in real estate is often a better alternative to stock investing for passive investors (which may come as a shock to some of our listeners on here). More than that, we delve into why passive investing is not all that passive—and the importance of active learning as you go along, especially when it comes to choosing operators to work with.

Furthermore, Michael gives some great advice on how to evaluate potential operators when you’re just starting out, which has a lot to do with investing in small amounts at first and making decisions from there. If you’re a passive investor that’s new to the game, this is definitely one of the episodes you wouldn’t want to miss.


1. Studying asset classes is not as difficult as studying stocks.

2. Real estate can be a better and safer investment, especially if you are striving for financial freedom.

3. Active learning is still a part of investing even if you are a passive investor.

4. Spend more than enough time evaluating an operator before investing with them.

5. Determining your goals first and foremost can help you find operators that match them.



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