Getting to Know The Methodologies of Getting Things Done – David Allen

June 17


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We’re back with another installment of our Best Of series. For this week’s episode, we’re reliving some of the best words from David Allen, the productivity expert who came up with the Getting Things Done movement. Find out more about our investing opportunities here

David Allen is a productivity consultant and bestselling author who created the global movement: Getting Things Done. Through GTD, he helps millions of people all around the world achieve an optimum work-life management system that aims to redefine the way they approach life and work. He also has bestselling books on productivity, most notably Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Making it All Work, and Ready For Anything.

For this part of the Best Of series, we focus on getting to know David and his methodologies in life, particularly the strategies he uses to get to where he is now. We talk about the habits that help him live a good life, his unique philosophy on completion and creation, the books that inspire him, and the mentors that have helped him pave the way to success.

Furthermore, we go into the purpose of what drives him to live his best life, which involves seeing problems as projects to work on. Whether you are having trouble managing your work-life balance or want to achieve more through better productivity, this episode can tell you what mindset you need to instill in yourself in order to move forward. 

1. Our definition of success depends on what we hold most important to us.
2. When you aren’t sure what step to take next, listen to the voice inside you.
3. Sometimes, you don’t need to change the person—you need to change the process.


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