Getting into the Marketing Mindset of Your Clients – Phillip Stutts

November 22


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Marketing Master, Phillip Stutts, joins Steven today to discuss all things marketing. How can we get in the mindset of our clients and how can we use that information to further ourselves in our business or in our investment portfolio?  Join them as they delve into what it takes to win in today’s marketing environment.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The marketing game is 100% rigged against you but there’s an outlier approach for any business that can market and have success.
  2. Investors or clients only care about 25% of your story. So take that 25%, optimize it, and make that even bigger, badder, and bolder.
  3. Before spending money on ads, make sure that you know exactly what your clients want.
  4. There are plenty of opportunities for small business owners to access data at low cost.
  5. Learn the differences and similarities that Philip found between working on 1000s of elections and moving into the corporate world.

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

Phillip Stutts comes from the cutthroat world of political and corporate marketing and has been described as a “marketing maverick reshaping business success using the secret formula that gets presidents elected.” Contributing to 1,407 election victories, including three U.S. Presidential victories and working with multiple Fortune 200 companies, Phillip plays the game of political and corporate marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition, multi-billion-dollar budgets, and a win-or-die mentality.


Getting into the Marketing Mindset of Your Clients – Phillip Stutts Transcription:

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