Getting Clarity: What Do You Really Want?

December 27


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We hear it all the time. Find your why. If you figure out your “why” you’ll be able to have success. If you operate by your “why” you’ll be on your way. But what does that mean? In today’s episode Steven breaks down some simple tips and strategies to ACTUALLY finding your why, and moving forward with massive action. Finding your “why” starts with narrowing down the “what”. What is that thing you want? (a sports car? Your first house? An apartment building? To raise a certain amount of money? You get the picture) The next step isn’t more difficult, but it’s the one that often gets left out…and it’s the one absolutely crucial for success. You’ve got to get below the surface and dig deep into the emotional reason behind the why.


  1. Figure out WHY you want what you want
  2. Connect with that why emotionally! (it won’t happen otherwise)
  3. Take CONSISTENT ACTION. Consistent action is the secret weapon
  4. Get hyper-focused Learn to say NO if the opportunity isn’t in alignment with your focus

Getting Clarity: What Do You Really Want? Transcription:

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