Four Questions to Ask When Doing a Syndication – Gene Trowbridge

April 12


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If you’re financially ready to dive into a security deal but not so confident about it, Gene Trowbridge shares the four golden questions to ask before investing your money. Find out more about our investing opportunities here

With over 25 years of experience in creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups, Gene Trowbridge possesses a wealth of wisdom we were lucky enough to hear back in Episode 168. In this episode, we’re bringing back one of the best snippets from our previous interview with Gene where we talk about security investing, and how you can do them right.

According to Gene, the four questions that you need to ask in a security deal are: “What happens if something happens to you?” “Have you done this before?” “Are you going to put money into this deal?” “What happens if something happens to me?” A lot to unpack there, so if you want to learn about business continuity, liquidity, and assessing a sponsor’s track record, click that ‘Play’ button and re-listen to this amazing interview with the one and only Gene Trowbridge.


1. Put everything in writing to let everyone in the deal know what’s going on.

2. When it comes to investment deals, education is everything.

3. Ask the four questions above before diving into a deal, especially if you cannot afford to lose money.


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