Email Marketing Mastery With Tom Morkes

December 30


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This week our guest’s clients know him as the guy who helped more than 100 brands and businesses grow their traffic, leads, and sales using his Launch to Profit Methodology. He’s the brains behind some of the most successful and profitable marketing and sales campaigns in the past decade. This includes a record-setting Kickstarter campaign that grossed $453k in 33 days, book launches that have landed authors on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists and more than a dozen product launches that have generated $100,000+ in sales in less than 30 days. He is none other than email marketing genius Tom Morkes.

Tom drops by to tell us his secret strategies for creating engaging and profitable email marketing campaigns. He gives us advice on how to avoid common copywriting pitfalls, how to target the right audience for our niche and how to communicate effectively with those leads that go on to create solid conversions and returns.

Don’t miss this amazing episode we have for you this week jam-packed with incredible email marketing advice. Have you used any of these techniques in your marketing? Jump in and join the conversation by commenting below.



Email Marketing Mastery With Tom Morkes Transcription:

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