Don’t Make This Mistake! – Steven Pesavento

December 27


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As the new year approaches it is a great time to look back at what you have accomplished in he past year but it is also important to look at what did not serve you as well.  In this episode, Steven shares with us some strategies we can implement in order to avoid making more mistakes and achieve the financial freedom we want. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mistake – Letting go of habits, mentors, or exercises that led to your success and thinking you don’t need them anymore.
  2. Building a habit of checking in with yourself to avoid this
  3. Journalling to discover what was working and what was not
  4. Identify the causes of those successes and you will discover some habits that contributed to it
  5. Ask yourself the question, “Where in my life, am I self-sabotaging and causing myself to quit doing the things that made me most successful in the first place?”

Don’t Make This Mistake! – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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