Disarming Conflict Through Effective Listening – Steven Pesavento

December 30


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If you’re deep into an argument and someone is looking at you through the worst lens possible… how do you get through it and find an amicable resolution

Mastering the art of listening is undoubtedly a difficult technique to get right, but if you can listen before getting defensive and responding, then I can guarantee your chances of finding a solution that both parties are happy with will grow tenfold.

So join me this week as I take you through a recent true story where this exact scenario happened to me… and how I got through it with 5 simple steps.

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1. Pause, listen, acknowledge, understand and then talk about a solution.
2. Truly listen to the person’s concerns.
3. Try to understand how they feel and reassure them that you’re going to work together to solve any issues.
4. Listen… and THEN offer a solution.
5. The 5 Steps of Effective Listening: 1. Pause 2. Listen 3. Acknowledge 4. Understand 5. Talk about a solution.


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Disarming Conflict Through Effective Listening – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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