Forget Logic: Negotiate A Win In Difficult Conversations

December 27


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Business can be a high-stakes game, and although we THINK we operate by logic, the truth is that every human operates from an emotional perspective – logic really doesn’t matter. What if you could smoothly navigate these high-emotion situations and set them up for the results you want? In this episode expert negotiator, Derek Gaunt, shares how his wisdom and experience from the hostage negotiation world gives a huge advantage to the business world.


  1. Diffuse the negative emotions FIRST in a negotiation
  2. Be likable! It’s one of the most important parts of winning the deal
  3. Stick to your training!


  1. Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink & Leif Babin (


  2. Linkedin (
  3. Ego Authority Failure (

Show notes

Derek Gaunt is an expert negotiator with the Black Swan Group, and has 29 years of law enforcement and hostage negotiation experience. As a partner in the BSG (providing seminars, workshops, and training which take strategies of hostage negotiation and bring them to the business world) Derek has worked with some of the top companies in the world, and now brings to us his book titled: Ego, Authority, Failure – Using Emotional Intelligence like a Hostage Negotiator to Succeed Like a Leader.

A few of Derek’s mentors are the Sheriff who first hired him and made him a negotiator (the man Derek considers “The Godfather” of the negotiation team in Alexandria), and Robin Nichols – a woman he says could have written his book – a powerful leader in the law enforcement community. Derek is driven by the mantra of “I’ve Earned it”, and the desire to continue doing what he loves: refining his communication skills, and sharing them with other people.


Forget Logic: Negotiate A Win In Difficult Conversations Transcription:

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