Dealing With a Crises – David Thompson

February 11


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David Thompson is the founder and general partner of Thompson Investing, operating out of his city of residence: Austin, Texas.

As a sponsor in countless syndication deals, David invests capital in real estate projects, particularly multi-family apartments, self-storage, and home parks. He currently manages an investment portfolio of over $150 million. Before starting his own business, David moved between high-level management positions at companies like Dell, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies.

In this episode David shares his strategies for dealing with crises like Coronavirus in real estate syndication. We discuss how you can make money in any real estate market through identifying and developing a niche, and how David has turned the pandemic into an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Tune in for an uplifting episode where David’s optimistic and pragmatic investing tips help you become a more resilient investor.


1. Communication is key to build and maintain trust during a crisis, even if you only have bad news
2. Building strong business relationships will pay off for years to come.
3. Educating yourself is crucial. Anybody can get started as an investor if they are willing to self-educate and reach out to professionals to ask questions.
4. Slow periods are part of investing. It comes in waves.
5. Take the time during a slow year to focus on building up what you have, strengthening your investments rather than expanding.


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