Focus Small – Niches to Riches

December 28


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The investing field is filled with opportunities in a plethora of different markets and niches, so how is it even possible to be a master of investing? Should you choose one niche and focus on that alone, or should you attempt to go after many? If you’re just getting started (or are a seasoned expert) in investing then you’ll want to join us today as David Thompson shares advice on finding expert partners, focusing down on a niche, and having a fulfillment mindset in real estate investing.


  1. Things are going to happen, things can go wrong, just be prepared
  2. Partner with experts
  3. Get LASER focused
  4. Figure out your strengths


  1. The Second Mountain – David Brooks (
  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear (

Keystone Habits:

  1. Morning quiet time
  2. Yoga
  3. Read
  4. Work on one goal before checking phone/emails


Show Notes

David Thompson started his investing career after leaving the corporate world. He founded Thompson Investing, which provides investors with opportunities to invest with experienced operators in MF apartments, self-storage and manufactured home parks. As a general partner and sponsor in syndication deals, he has raised significant private equity capital. He helped provide investor funds to purchase over 6,000 apartment units worth over $500M and owns thousands of self-storage units and MHP lots.

David’s purpose and drive is his family, and also his commitment to integrity all the time – when it’s “visible”, and when nobody is watching.


Focus Small – Niches to Riches Transcription:

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