Personal Growth Through Relationship Networking

December 23


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Agent, Investors and Family man, Dan has built his business around connecting with others. He shares his mindset on living a good life based on avoiding FOMO and living by a budget. Hosts The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast and runs the BiggerPockets meeting up in Denver.


  1. The Coddling of the American Mind, Greg Lukianoff & Jonathon Haidt (



Show Notes

Dan is a real estate agent, investor, and family man based out of Denver. Hosts The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast and runs the BiggerPockets meeting up in Denver. He shares with us his driving force: a passion for teaching and helping people achieve a better life for themselves. He has an incredible story from growing up one of six kids, with a family bankruptcy, and how he learned through these challenges.

Dan learned to be super budget-conscious through his childhood, which has played a big influence in his investment strategy. He understands the importance of staying focused on what actually holds value to your mission, being content with simplicity and living in the moment. He builds his business through both creativity and integrity, meaning he’ll pass on a deal if it doesn’t leave the other party in a great place. Which is an awesome mindset to live by!

Dan has devoted about 90% of the time in his business to networking, and nearly all his profits are a result of networking relationships, not paid/traditional advertising. His ROI is incredible. He believes it’s important to pay attention to what works for you, and fits your personal mission.

Personal Growth Through Relationship Networking Transcription:

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