Get Uncomfortable & Grow! How Desperation Drove Success

December 23


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Change comes from two things: Inspiration or Desperation. Join us as Cody Hofhine, an INC 5000 Co-founder and CEO of Wholesaling Inc., describes how he found his why, and when – at the bottom and from a place of desperation –  he built an empire focused on leaving a living legacy and helping other people.


  1. Leading an Inspired Life – Jim Rohn


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  4. Utah Sell Now LLC

Show Notes

Cody Hofhine is an INC 5000 Co-founder and CEO of Wholesaling Inc, and Founder of Utah Sell Now. He’s also a successful Real Estate investor, Coach and sought-after Speaker.

Cody used his background in sales, and his passion for Real Estate, to quickly build a 7 figure Real Estate business and is on a mission to help and inspire others to become successful at Real Estate. He is driven by a desire to truly help other people, as well as his desire to be a great husband to his wife, and father to his four children.


Get Uncomfortable & Grow! How Desperation Drove Success Transcription:

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