Clear Investing Goals: Investing for Cashflow or Appreciation

December 29


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This week we ask: What are your investing goals? Maybe you’re looking for cash flow, an income stream, appreciation or a net return. 

If this applies to you then make sure you don’t miss this episode as we’ll be learning how to find investments that fit your criteria and how to use them to achieve goals going forward in your investing career.


  1. Make a decision and get clear on what your investment strategy is. It could be cash flow, appreciation or a blend of both.
  2. You can offset some of your income by investing in a property that produces regular monthly cash flow. 
  3. Appreciation will typically give you more risk but provide a higher ROI. Great if you don’t need an income stream but want a longer-term investment with bigger bulk returns. 
  4. A hybrid strategy means investing in cash flow and appreciation returns together. This means you can start building a nest egg for the future but also have some monthly returns from your investment.  


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