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We negotiate every single day. Sometimes our negotiations are business-based, but often they’re in situations we don’t even think about – such as with our spouse, or kids. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a master of the art of negotiation? To be able to reach YOUR solution, but have both sides happy at the end? Join us today as Steven interviews Chris Voss, author of Never Split The Difference, and veteran FBI hostage negotiator. You’ll be leaving with a much greater insight to negotiation, and some real, actionable strategies to get started with!


  1. Common ground isn’t so important, people just want to be understood
  2. Trust-based influence is the “most durable” form of influence
  3. Deal with the elephant in the room – don’t ignore it
  4. “But” is a bad word


  1. The Rise Of Superman – Steven Kotler (
  2. Never Split The difference – Chris Voss (

Keystone Habits:

  1. Smile when saying hello to someone!


Show Notes

Chris Voss is a master negotiator, retired from the FBI after 24 years as the lead international kidnapping negotiator. He has written a fantastic book called Never Split The Difference, and is the CEO of the Black Swan Group, a company that specializes in solving Business Communication Problems using these same hostage negotiation strategies.

Chris has carried his purpose of helping people from the FBI to the business world, and he is still making a huge impact on lives through his training and sharing.



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