Changing Your Career for Financial Freedom – Vikram Raya

April 8


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Switching to an entirely different career is an inherently risky and daunting move. Find out more about changing your career for financial freedom with this week’s guest, Vikram Raya. Find out more about our investing opportunities here

Vikram Raya has one of the most astonishing track records among our guests to date. He is an accomplished cardiologist, biohacking expert, and coach to elite doctors within his specialty. More than that, he is also an entrepreneur and real estate investor that has raised over $350 million in assets. With the demand of both of these careers, how can one accomplish so much in one lifetime?

Having grown up in a lower-middle-class home, Vikram learned from a very young age that having no money caused pain. From then on, he strived to achieve abundance so that money will never be an issue for his own family. He went to medical school, became a cardiologist, and went into practice. However, that path did not get him to where he really wanted to be, and so he went into real estate investing and started building more wealth from there. On this week’s episode, we have the honor of hearing his journey first-hand.

If you are in a completely different career and aren’t sure if making the switch is worth it, Vikram’s story will serve as an inspiration for you to take the plunge. Let us help you get to where you want to be and listen to this episode where we talk about achieving financial freedom, surrounding yourself with the right people, and striving for growth time and time again throughout your career.


1. Double down on your passions and interests.

2. The growth process never stops–if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

3. Surround yourself with the right people.

4. Never stop chasing what you want to achieve in life.


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