Change Your Mindset to Money – Cappi Pidwell

July 19


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Our beliefs dictate our actions, decisions, and thus, our success. In this episode, we have a leading expert in human behavior, Cappi Pidwell, to talk about how to reprogram your mindset to achieve more in life. Find out more about our investing opportunities here 


Cappi Pidwell is a professional speaker, mentor, author, leading expert in human behavior, and a Master of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Hypnotherapy. She is the creator of the Cappi Pidwell Mindset Mastery Method, which she uses to help thousands of people make concrete changes in their life through reprogramming their mindset.


Everyone has their own mindset and set of beliefs that dictate their actions and decisions. Reprogramming your mindset, beliefs, and subconsciousness is rarely easy—and most people fail to do so on their own—but it may be just what you need to go one step further, be it in your career, your business, or your personal life.


Cappi is here to tell us all about how to change our thoughts and beliefs, how to reprogram our subconsciousness, how to get rid of limiting beliefs, and how to overcome our “hang-ups” in life. If you want to start making real changes in your life and achieve rapid results, tune in to this incredibly powerful talk about mindset, reconditioning, and human behavior.


1. Changing your mindset takes time—reengineering your beliefs doesn’t happen overnight.
2. The subconscious mind is more effective as an information processor than the conscious mind.
3. Your beliefs will dictate your decisions.
4. We have to make sure that our decisions are coming from a clear consciousness.

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