Emotional Fitness – The Key To Unlock Success

December 27


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Sometimes WE are the biggest barrier to our own success, and oftentimes we don’t even realize it. Have you ever “gotten emotional” with yourself and dug in to find your own barriers to success? Or maybe you’ve been pretty successful, but you’re hitting a plateau and have no idea how to get past it. If this hits close to home, then this is the episode for you. Today Carla Blumenthal talks about emotional intelligence, self-discovery, and gaining control over the “inner critic”.


  1. It takes time! Be patient and go with the process
  2. Find a coach!
  3. Recognize and name your emotions to take power away from them
  4. Give yourself some grace while you’re growing
  5. Have a growth mindset and curiosity!


  1. Loving What Is – Byron Katie (https://amzn.to/2NAmZC8)


  1. Carlablumenthal.com (gift for audience: workbook & audio)
  2. carlablumenthal.com/investormindset (Gift for listeners!)

Show Notes:

Carla Blumenthal coaches thoughtful, high-achieving men to build stronger relationships and more successful careers through emotional intelligence. She’s coached executives and senior leaders across the US in a wide range of professions, including; real estate, tech, marketing, and entertainment. Her clients have included an Emmy-nominated entertainer, a PR Week 40 Under 40 CMO, a Facebook exec. Fortune 100 executives, and many others.

Carla’s mentors include her first coach and her current coach, and she is inspired by her great partnership with her husband. She is driven to success and continued growth because she appreciates and understands where she came from, and is inspired to see how far she can go


Emotional Fitness – The Key To Unlock Success Transcription:

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