Buying Directly from Seller in Commercial Multifamily (Encore) – Tim Bratz

February 14


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What does it take to find and make deals “direct to seller” for multifamily? Many people believe it’s not possible but our special guest this week, Tim Bratz, is a proven expert at this. 

He’s bought thousands of units directly from sellers and in this episode, Tim tells us how he’s generated such success using this method and how you can do exactly the same. Jump in with us as we dive into techniques, strategies, and mindset for achieving investing success! 

Key Takeaways

  1. You can find deals by contacting sellers via direct mail, dialing for dollars, and face-to-face.
  2. Commercial real estate avoids emotional conversations you might have with single-family.
  3. Don’t try to force a deal. If people want to sell, they will sell.
  4. Find deals with owners who really need to sell: Smart entrepreneurs and mature owners.
  5. Success boils down to happiness and, more importantly, helping others achieve success. 

Resources Mentioned

Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn –  

Magician Vs. Mule: The Ultimate Guide to Lifestyle, Wealth, and Freedom by Mark Evans –

About our Guest:

Tim Bratz, the founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings, was drawn to real estate because he saw the long-term benefits of a solid investment. Tim began his career in the competitive New York City real estate market working as a broker leasing ground floor retail units. Here, he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. 

Although Tim was limited in means, he spent his time reading, attending workshops, and networking with accomplished entrepreneurs learning that being resourceful was the ultimate path to becoming successful. Today, Tim still uses this formula for success, which all starts with being resourceful and having the right mindset.

Buying Directly from Seller in Commercial Multifamily (Encore) – Tim Bratz Transcription:

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