Key to Success by Hiring the Right People

December 23


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Beka Shea is an investor, engineer, and mother from Pennsylvania. Beginning her career in the Navy she dreamed of being a pilot – but those dreams were crushed after she graduated. She shares how she didn’t let that stop her from going after what she wanted. As a marketer, flipper and wholesaler her company did over 50 deals last year! Listen to how she took control of her own destiny and some of the challenges she faced along the way.


  1. Tribe of mentors by Timothy Ferriss


  1. LaPlace Transformations 
  2. Sell Your PA House 

Show Notes

Beka Shea is an engineer-turned-investor who has built her business from the ground up by embracing a “success is just around the corner” mindset. She uses failure and challenges as the drive to learn and grow rather than being defeated by them. And has put this principle into action in her business and life. She has incredible insight into the value of hiring the RIGHT people, and recognizing when replacing yourself in a situation can be the very thing that scales your whole operation.

Beka Shae is an incredible investor, mother and amazing at the house flipping and wholesaling game. She did over 50 deals last year. She started her career in the Navy getting a master’s in mechanical engineering and after graduating she found out she was disqualified from her dream of becoming a pilot. She left the executive corporate world behind, pivoting to real estate to living a better life every day. Thanks for being here today.


Key to Success by Hiring the Right People Transcription:

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