Art of Building Rapport in Negotiation – Chris Voss

March 29


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How do you build rapport during a negotiation even when there is no common ground? Let’s learn more about this with Chris Voss. Join our private investor network at

We’re back with more golden advice from master negotiator Chris Voss! As a renowned businessman, author, academic, and former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris has formed some of the best strategies when it comes to negotiating—be it with other entrepreneurs or hostage-takers. And on this episode, he shares some amazing tips on how you can negotiate deals as if someone’s life depended on it.

Negotiating a deal is one of the hardest skills to master, but it is an inevitable part of an entrepreneur’s life. Listen as Chris Voss and I talk about how to spot the decision-makers in the room, how to utilize dynamic silence, and how to build better rapport with people even with no common ground. He also tells us why common ground is not inherently useful in negotiation, and how expressing understanding is a much more effective way to build a relationship.


1. The more people use singular pronouns, the less important they are, and vice versa.

2. Use dynamic silence to make people feel heard—let them fill the silence and watch the deal seal itself.

3. To save time, ask the other party how they want to proceed and give them the opportunity to offer you something good.

4. Finding common ground makes people feel great, but it is not entirely useful in negotiation.

5. Don’t deny negativity; understand it. People feel better when they are understood.


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