Alpha Investing’s Methodology for Success – Daniel Cocca

April 1


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Listen to some of the best principles on private equity real estate investments from this week’s guest, Daniel Cocca. Join our private investor network at

Daniel Cocca is the co-founder of Alpha Investing, a private capital network that’s all about creating marketplaces, raising capital for sponsors, and providing top-notch investing opportunities to their clients. He is with us here this week to share some of the best principles in private real estate investments, and how they have helped him take Alpha Investing to what it is today in just a span of six years.

Alpha Investing gives investors and sponsors an opportunity to come together and invest as a collective. However, how did Daniel manage to gain investors’ trust despite being ‘young’ in this type of industry? In this episode, Daniel also shares the value of mentorship, and why hiring people with more experience than you is imperative to growth and success.

Furthermore, we talk about focusing on recession-resistant assets. Daniel shares their own strategy in Alpha Investing that allows them to continuously develop regardless of the state of the market; a strategy that you can apply to your own business or investment endeavors. 

If you want to learn more about private real estate investing, building a track record from scratch, or achieving stability no matter the state of the market, join Daniel and I on this highly informative episode.


1. When you’re trying to bring a young company to success, it’s all about building your track record from scratch.

2. Hiring people with more experience than you is imperative to learning and achieving growth.

3. Find people you can learn from; people that are already successful in the path you’re taking.


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