Active Investing vs Passive Investing – Which is Better?

December 29


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Active vs passive investing… which one is better for you?

Maybe you want to be a “Hands-on” investor or a “hands-off” investor. Maybe you don’t even know the difference. Either way you need to understand what these are so you can actually make that decision.

In this week’s Mindset Minutes episode we provide real life examples of how the two strategies work and how they can fit your needs. If you have any doubt over which route to take, then don’t miss this episode, as it will help answer your questions and give you a clear investing strategy.


  1. Hands-on investors are called “active investors” and they find the deals, manage the properties and are fully responsible for all liability and decisions.
  2. Hands-off investors are called “passive investors” and they find syndications, lending and putting capital into experienced operator deals to receive income without managing anything to do with the actual property.
  3. Ask yourself three questions:
    • Are you too busy in your fulltime job but still want to invest in real estate?
    • Do you want to invest but worried you don’t have the experience or capital?
    • Are comfortable with others making business decisions for your investments?

Watch the episode to find out what your answers mean for you.


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Active Investing vs Passive Investing – Which is Better? Transcription:

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