Achieving Bliss in Real Estate Investing – Moneeka Sawyer

May 6


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Moneeka Sawyer exudes such positive energy that every conversation feels like a breath of fresh air. Listen for yourself in this week’s episode where we talk about overcoming neediness, practicing patience, and achieving bliss in the world of real estate. Find out more about our investment opportunities here

Moneeka Sawyer is the daughter of Indian immigrant parents who, through hard work and dedication, established a successful real estate business in the US. Needless to say, she followed in her parents’ footsteps and turned $10,000 into more than $2 million by only working five to ten hours a month. She is a master at strategy, organization, and implementation, and she uses her skills to grow her multimillion empire and help other women do the same.

With enough energy to power an entire city, Moneeka talks about what ‘bliss’ means in life and in real estate, shares with us the value of patience in investing, and how to overcome neediness in order to achieve happiness. For aspiring investors who don’t know where to start, Moneeka also shares some golden advice on how to get started–and why the first step is getting to know yourself, your values, and your big ‘why’.

Moneeka loves her business, so much so that it’s easy to see why it has become so successful. If you want to learn more about her blissful formula in real estate investing, tune in to this episode and have a pen and paper ready with you.


1. You can lose all your money in an instant, so be ready.

2. Don’t grow into your money too fast.

3. Real estate can get you rich, but not quickly.

4. Need can be a great motivator.

5. Patience is the most important value in real estate.

6. Your big ‘why’ will be the thing that will drive you forward.

7. Build a business based on who you are.


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