About Steven Pesavento

I’m from a small town in Minnesota. I wanted to be two things growing up: A Chef like Emerald Lugosi, or renovate houses like Bob Villa.

I graduated from St. Johns University in 2011, and took my first “real job” in Management Consulting. It was a great way to start, but there was no passion for it.

I doubled my salary with every new job, but I realized that chasing money wasn’t the key to happiness. (But being broke wasn’t fun either!)

After many industries and a few businesses later I had to get back to the core desires:

What do I want in my life?

Real estate was a topic that kept surfacing.

So I took the leap.

I listened to every podcast, book, mentor, and speaker I could find. I needed to learn everything I could, as fast as I could.

I still do that to this day.

Since Starting, I've over 100 renovations, over $180M in residential investment real estate. My investors have entrusted me with over $30M+ of investor capital.

I’ve found a new mission in life: Help others live a better life every day, have fun, and make money.

I feel like I’m well on my way.

I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and for all the fun to come.

Listen to the podcast to hear what I’ve learned about advanced real estate investing.

why work with ME?

I Take a Different Approach Than Most 'Experts' Out There.

I don’t believe in lecturing you on perfection. Instead, I teach about how if we grow a little bit everyday, we can live our best life.

Each habit or belief change leads to major results over the long run. I help people form these habits and mental frameworks.

I believe in investing in yourself first, then investing in your business. This foundation sets you up for quick, solid success.

I started out as a management consultant in business process improvement. I’d consult with huge companies and show them how they can create systems to maximize profit.

I’d show them how to set goals and take action as an organization.

But then I decided I needed to combine my passion with my skillset, leading me to real estate. After going all in I met my first partner and we started a company. I used my skills in systems & processes combined with goal-setting to scale to over $3,000,000 in revenue and 15 team members in three years.

That was all before moving full time into Commercial Real Estate Investments.

That’s great and all, but now I want to give back growing in a new way. I’ve started a podcast where I interview other high-performance real estate investors. We discuss the skills you need in order to reach your goals for true freedom.

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