A Story To Success: Why Its Called The Investor Mindset

December 28


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How do we become successful? How do we create personal growth as entrepreneurs? The answer: Living with an” Investor Mindset” – We’ll cover how learning this success strategy dramatically changed my life, and how it can transform your life too. And remember that this isn’t just for real estate investors, or entrepreneurs. This applies to both your business and personal life, because at the core our thoughts and beliefs lead to the action we take. And our Mindset or our Physiology is one key piece of creating millionaire success.


  1. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful tools for us to create an incredible life
  2. We don’t conquer the mountain, we conquer ourselves (limiting beliefs)
  3. Before you can change, you have to notice your own limiting beliefs and thoughts
  4. Notice, Acknowledge, Condition, Apply Action


A Story To Success: Why Its Called The Investor Mindset Transcription:

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