3 Tax Benefits Investing in Multifamily Apartments (Encore) – Steven Pesavento

February 17


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Tax Savings With Real Estate Investing are one of the big benefits that are hard to find in other types of investments. Did you know that multifamily investments have some of the highest tax benefits in real estate investing? Join us today for a quick overview of the top 3 tax advantages of multifamily investing!


  1. Always consult your attorney and CPA about how/if you can take advantage of tax advantages 
  2. Multifamily assets have many tax advantages
  3. Passive investments are taxed at a lower rate than active 
  4. Three things to dive into with your CPA or attorney: Depreciation, Cost-Segregation, The Tax-cut and jobs act of 2017, The passive income tax rate

3 Tax Benefits Investing in Multifamily Apartments (Encore) – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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