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5 Success Principles.

These are 5 lessons from my time on the Investor Mindset for success in business, life & investing, collected through hundreds of interviews & podcasts from experts, entrepreneurs, investors & business owners in the top of their fields.

Author & Host, Steven Pesavento
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Fast Track Your Success

What You'll Learn INside

 Reach Your Goals Quickly

  • Discover how to think like a successful investor while building more confidence, creating more clarity, and reaching your goals more quickly than ever before.  
  • By following these 5 Key Success Principles, you’ll discover more about your investment abilities than you ever thought possible.

Build Your Own Investor Mindset

  • Mindset is simply the Thoughts & Beliefs you have that directly lead to the actions you take and therefore, the outcomes you experience in your life.  

  • This means that by having those thoughts & beliefs will lead us to take a new set of actions and we will experience a better life.  
  • Discover the top 5 traits that successful people have in common and how you can build them into your own investor mindset. 

About Steven.

Steven Pesavento is on a mission to create over a million financially free investors. 

He is a real estate entrepreneur, high-performance coach, and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital.

Investing full time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 buildings and transacted hundreds of millions in investment real estate.

Steven is the host of The Investor Mindset, a top ranked podcast with over 1 million downloads, where he has interviewed some of the smartest minds & authors such as Chris Voss, Jay Papasan, Joe Fairless, Mark Manson, and many others.

Steven is passionate about helping ambitious individuals name their number, and teaches people how to create a highly customized strategy for reaching wealth and freedom through investing.



Residential Investment Real Estate




Handled of Investor Capitol


Years Investing Experience. 

Testimonials from My Coaching Clients

Emily H

Super Valuable Training

The coaching you gave within the training was super valuable. I never expected to get that kind of support 1-1. Thank you so much!

Emily H

Coaching Client

Tim B

My Biggest Month Ever!

Thank you so much for everything.

This past month, I closed $26k in deals, my biggest month ever!

Tim B

Coaching Client

Marinelle G

Worth Every Penny!

Worth Every Penny. 

The trainings within this group have been worth every penny.
They've seriously changed my life. Thank you!

Marinelle G

Coaching Client


A Few of the Reviews of the Investor Mindset
Rated 4.9/5 on Apple Podcasts.

Mindset is key

The first step to success is the right mindset! The name of this podcast is spot on; Steven will give you the tools and motivation to think like, then become an investor.

Next-Level Income

Apple Podcast User


Crucial Podcast for investing growth

This podcast is a crucial resource for everything investing and financial freedom. Love the solo episodes where Steven goes deep.

Clayton Hep

Apple Podcast User


Never Ending Value

I love Investor mindset talk and this podcast is perfect for me. I get the valuable content without sifting through fluff and this adds to my knowledge base as an investor. Thanks Steven!


Apple Podcast User


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